My 1st TeachMeet

Following @TeacherToolkit, he posted a link to his publisher Bloomsbury.  They had some other interesting books for teachers and they (Laura Givans) were planning their first TeachMeet at their offices in London.

“I’ll go”, I thought, as others I’ve admired have raved about TeachMeets in the past.  Last Thursday I went to Bloomsbury’s offices in central London, a short walk from Tottenham Court Road Tube station.  It was my first time on Tube since some time early in 2015!

At the TeachMeet I spoke to several Bloomsbury staff and several of the presenters.

Between talks, there were silly games with prizes for the winners.  Thanks to the “sterling” efforts of those at my table, we won book prizes for “tin”-foil hats made of aluminium foil!

The evening was only slightly marred by missing the earlier bus home, causing me to experience the late-night delights of 20 minutes at Edgware Bus station.

Thanks to Bloomsbury education department for their careful organisation and generous hospitality.  Thanks to those at, presenting, or sharing their ideas and enthusiasm.  They included


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